When You Can’t Use A Petrol Station You Know You’ve Got Problems

When You Can’t Use A Petrol Station You Know You’ve Got Problems

Petrol stations aren’t that hard are they. Are they?

You pull in, stick a nozzle in that hole in your car – the one marked FUEL – and pull the trigger. Highly explosive liquid then disappears into the bowls of that aforementioned motor vehicle and, well, if you have trouble using a petrol station we’re not going even go into what happens next.

We didn’t really believe people would struggle with what has to be the simplest of motoring tasks. But the internet, yet again, proved us very wrong indeed.

1. Forgetting what side your filler is on once is fine. But FOUR times is absolutely, categorically, not fine

2. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it all going wrong…


3. While sometimes it is COMPLETELY your fault


4. Sometimes it will be YOU against the petrol station. You will lose.


5. Nope, we were wrong, sometimes you WILL win. Sort of


6. The last thing you want in a petrol station is a *bit* of fire. Or this man to help. Definitely not this man…


7. You’ve got crisps on your mind, and two-for-one chocolate bars. It’s easy to forget things. We know that. But this?

8. Sometimes you just need to have a word with your co-driver. Why so impatient?


9. Just hope that if you ever do drive off with the pump still attached FLAMES don’t happen

10. Don’t, whatever you do, ever check your lighter ‘works’ when fuelling your car


11. But then it could be worse, you could be these guys…

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