How car journeys made one mother feel she had been torturing her child

How car journeys made one mother feel she had been torturing her child

Taking very young children on long car journeys is usually a pretty sure-fire way of causing some form of tantrum.

Chronic sickness and temper tantrums, on the other hand, are not what you’d normally expect from a toddler on every trip in the car.

But that’s exactly what Nichola Griffiths was on the receiving end of every time she took her two-year-old son Max anywhere in the car.

The mum-of-six told the Daily Record that she and her husband, Nigel, thought Max suffered from severe car sickness, as he would scream and cry on every car journey, and sometimes make himself sick.

However, the problem didn’t lie with Max – it was in fact down to a large spike that had been protruding from his car seat and digging into his back.

The spike was only discovered after the Griffiths took Max on a journey without his shirt on on a particularly hot day, and noticed a painful red mark on the toddler’s back.

Nigel told the Daily Record: “We strapped him in without a shirt on because of the hot weather.

“When we took him out we could see this big red mark on his spine. We only saw it because he wasn’t wearing a shirt. It hadn’t made a mark through his clothes.

“I thought it was a bee sting at first – but then I couldn’t find the bee in the car.”

Nichola added: “It was like putting him in a torture chamber every time we went somewhere for the last two years.

“I just feel sick thinking about it. It’s really affected me emotionally.

“I think the worst thing about it is thinking about the risk we’ve put him at.

“We’ve been on holidays to places like Cornwall and Wales. We’ve literally been up and down the country with him.

“If we had crashed or had an accident I dread to think what could have happened with that spike digging into his spine.”

Thankfully, the manufacturer replaced the faulty seat, and poor Max can sit in comfort.

Nichola said: “Ever since we’ve started using another seat the problem has just gone away. He loves car journeys now.”

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