Car Reads Out Every Apple Emoji, We Fall Asleep

Car Reads Out Every Apple Emoji, We Fall Asleep

Some people have waaay too much time on their hands, and this video is a perfect example.

Emojis have taken over how we communicate in recent years…


So it’s no surprise to see companies making technology that works with them. In vehicles fitted with Apple CarPlay, the voice recognition software – known as Siri – reads out the action of the emoji, such as ‘thumbs up’ or ‘grinning face with tightly closed eyes’.


And now some poor sod has had to spend 30 minutes – yes, HALF OF ONE WHOLE HOUR – listening to Siri read out all 1,064 emojis.

giphy-8’s video producer James Bradbury sat through this ordeal in a 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. Okay, so he was reasonably comfortable, but must have been driven insane by the ridiculous amount of actions and objects that have become emojis.

Poor guy :'(. Sorry, I mean ‘crying face emoji’.

Some of the descriptions are superb and very detailed so it is worth listening to in very small doses. If you dare, watch the full 30-minute video below, but prepare to doze off halfway through.


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