Celebrate Mitsubishi’s Mad Moments And WIN All This Kit!

Celebrate Mitsubishi’s Mad Moments And WIN All This Kit!

We’ve had some pretty epic drives in Mitsubishi’s mad models – and all of them have had Evo badges on the back.

While the new range of SUVs, like the PHEV bumbling Boris Johnson test drove to hilarious effect recently, are all well and good, the Mitsubishis that really get us going have big exhausts and mad wings.

Mostly because they can do this…


But also because they can do this (and not kill the occupants…)

YouTube / Kevin Johnson - via Iframely

Oh, and they’ve been known to fly…


And they like donuts like American policemen


And the new PHEV rally car also looks pretty damn cool too…

Dusty Mitsubishi PHEV

Anyway, to celebrate the brand we’ve been handed a whole load of Mitsubishi goodies which we’re planning on giving away. For nothing. Nada. Zilch.


In the goody bag of goodness there’s something for every Mitsubishi fan out there:

A Mitsubishi T-shirt (large), to keep your upper body covered

A Mitsubishi soft shell jacket (large), to keep your upper body warm

A Mitsubishi baseball cap, to protect your head from baseballs

A Mitsubishi notebook, to make notes about Mitsubishi things

Two Mitsubishi pencils, to work out how to sharpen because they’re strange shapes

Mitsubishi mints, to show people and ask “Did you know they make Mitsubishi mints?”

A Mitsubishi iMiEV model, so you can remember the funny little electric car for the rest of time

A Mitsubishi mug, so you can keep warm drinks scalding hot for so long you forget you’ve even made them

A Mitsubishi Rubik’s cube, so you can make your brain fuzzy

A Mitsubishi L200 notebook, so you can pretend you own a cool pickup when you make shopping lists

Here it all is in Generation Game style

Vine / James Baggott - via Iframely

How do you enter?

All you need to do is retweet the tweet about this competition and follow our @SprUnld account.

Or like and share the post about this competition on our Facebook page.

You need to do this by Friday 13th November. We’ll then pick one winner at random and send them the branded bundle of booty.

Good luck!

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