Here Are The Celebrities Brits Would Most Like To Buy A Car From

Here Are The Celebrities Brits Would Most Like To Buy A Car From

Have you ever been flicking through the classifieds and wondered what celebrity would be the best to buy a car from?

No? Fair enough. Us neither. But fortunately someone with a bit too much time on their hands at CarGurus has wondered exactly that. They gave members of the Great British public the names of celebrities with varying degrees of fame and asked them to pick the three people they’d buy a car from.

And the winner is….

Her Royal Spongeness Mary Berry, Queen of all that is baked.

giphy (57)

An impressive 49 per cent of the 1,000 people who were asked this bizarre question put her in their top three. As our contribution to the general nonsense of it all, we’ve mocked up a picture – it’s at the top of this story – to show what Berry might look like as a car dealer.

Philip Schofield trailed just behind with 47 per cent, while David Beckham took the final step on the podium with 41 per cent.

I almost care

Unsurprisingly, celebrity power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian propped up the table with a measly nine per cent each.

giphy (58)

That’s an impressively bad score, considering twice as many people considered Nigel Farage a better bet in the used car market.

Britney Spears laugh

If we’ve learned only one thing from this research – and we have – it’s that Berry could walk into a new career as a car dealer once Channel 4 steals Great British Bake Off. Watch out for a Berry’s Bangers showroom near you soon!


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