Chevrolet Scores Zero On Safety Test – How Is This Possible?

Chevrolet Scores Zero On Safety Test – How Is This Possible?

Just last week the exemplary Volvo XC60 showed us all how well a car can perform in safety tests.


But how bad can you do in a safety test nowadays?

Well, Chevrolet proved that a zero for adult occupant protection is more than possible with this truly shoddy Global NCAP test result for the Enjoy MPV.


The Enjoy, made for the Indian market, scored a donut with us simply by being awful. However, in just the front impact test, most of the sensors detected possibly fatal forces to the driver and passenger – at only 40mph. Shocking!

With no airbags or safety equipment of any real note, this vehicle performed terribly.


Infant passengers in the back were also poorly protected in the case of an accident, with the MPV being awarded just two stars here and meaning that this is possibly the worst safety test we’ve seen in a long time. Surely Chevrolet could do a better job than this?

As modern cars become safer, it should be for everyone and all markets. All car makers certainly need to make a note of this vehicle’s performance and ensure they don’t replicate it.

What a horrifying shambles!

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