China Dazzles When It Comes To Motoring Punishments

China Dazzles When It Comes To Motoring Punishments

Punishments for traffic offences in Britain are pretty standard.

Pay a fine, points on your licence, maybe go on a traffic course, possibly banned. Rather normal really.


But in China they can be a bit unconventional, and this particular punishment is pretty weird.

In Shenzhen city, anyone caught dazzling other drivers are made to sit in front of a car with its full beam on and stare at the lights for a minute to ram home just how harmful – not to mention irritating – it is to be faced by them. A taste of their own Chinese medicine, if you will…


Paired with a 300 yuan fine – roughly £36 – it might seem a bit odd by our standards but hey ho, whatever works. Check out the video below.

China's headlight punishment

Ever annoyed by drivers who dazzle you by having their full-beam headlights on? China has introduced a strange punishment for guilty parties

Posted by Sky News on Thursday, November 3, 2016

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