Citroen Unveils The Throwback Van We Always Wanted

Citroen Unveils The Throwback Van We Always Wanted

We enjoy it when car companies bring back vintage models, even if it’s just for a publicity stunt. And if you like vans, then you’re in even more luck.

Along with Le Coq Sportif, Citroen has customised an original Type H in the colours of the sports brand (coincidence that a French brand’s colours are red, white and blue, n’est-ce pas?) to celebrate the classic model’s 70th anniversary.


Both brands also redecorated a Dispatch commercial van (which, to be honest, we aren’t as bothered about) and the vehicles were converted into mobile bike workshops – which looks especially good on the Type H.


The vans are being displayed at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham from April 25 and at Le Coq Sportif events thereafter, but what would be great is if they just redid some more of the Type Hs and have them out on the road – that we can get on board with.


Lovely creation!


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