Clarkson And Co Go ‘Enviro-mental’ In Grand Tour Episode Four

Clarkson And Co Go ‘Enviro-mental’ In Grand Tour Episode Four

As you may have noticed, we quite like The Grand Tour here at SU, and whenever we see a trailer for the next show, we kinda have to talk about it.


This time, the guys are seen building cars out of various natural materials to try and build a ‘sustainable’ car.

James’s effort of a stone-walled vehicle seems to completely fall apart and the first sight of a bumpy river bed, and Jeremy is using pig’s ears as wing mirrors. Interesting choices from the pair of them.


Hammond, however, looks like he’s crashed his vehicle into a hedge and driven out with whatever was attached, which for environmentalists surely is an attractive option.


We also see a glimpse of a track battle between the Porsche GT3 RS and the BMW M4 GTS, which should be very tasty indeed.


The tent isn’t going anywhere this time however, and the gang are keeping their pitch in Whitby for one more week, before they move on to pastures new.

Hopefully it remains in the same vain as episode three, which was a return to what we expect from the trio. You can watch the latest episode now on Amazon Prime.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the trailer to whet your appetite.

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