Clarkson Drops Biggest Hint Yet Top Gear Trio Are Off To Netflix

Clarkson Drops Biggest Hint Yet Top Gear Trio Are Off To Netflix

We’ve been kept waiting and wondering how and when we’ll see Jezza, James and Richard on TV again after “fracas-gate”.

Now it looks as if our offerings up to the broadcasting gods have paid off – sort of.

On the opening night of the Australian leg of their Clarkson, Hammond and May Live tour, they dropped a heavy hint that appeared to confirm whispers that they’ll be popping up on Netflix – the California-based provider of on-demand internet streaming media.

Clarkson told the 15,000-strong crowd that they had found a channel, and his colleagues leapt in to stop him naming it so that the official reveal – for whichever channel it is – won’t be undermined as and when that takes place. We can imagine channel executives getting VERY cross if that had happened.

Shortly after Clarkson’s announcement, Hammond found himself the subject of ribbing after pronouncing the letter z the American way – “zee” instead of “zed” – with Clarkson saying “You’re not in America” and Hammond retorting “Not yet.”

Cue feverish adding up of two and two by everyone.

The trio are contractually barred from making a Top Gear-type show for British TV until 2017, but we reckon a slot on Netflix – with its reported 65.6 million subscribers worldwide – will keep them extremely happy in the meantime.


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