Clarkson And May Share Opinion On EU Referendum, Seem Eerily Civilised

Clarkson And May Share Opinion On EU Referendum, Seem Eerily Civilised

The former Top Gear team have been making more and more public appearances as they build up to their forthcoming new TV show The Grand Tour.

And unless you’re not from Europe or you live in a hole, there’s this big vote in the UK tomorrow on whether or not we should stay in the European Union.


Now combine two-thirds of the Grand Tour team and the EU referendum and you get… a surreal and slightly humorous video.


Jeremy Clarkson and James May have both voiced their opinion on the referendum, and both agree that the UK should remain in the EU.


According to the duo, they only both like the ‘old’ Ford Mondeo and sandwich spread, but the EU gets special treatment from the pair, as they say it’ll be easier to film their new show and travel around on their Grand Tour escapades.


This video may also have something to do with Clarkson being pro-EU Prime Minister David Cameron’s friend, supporter and near neighbour. Cameron also happened to be visiting the show’s offices in London on Monday…

The weird part of the whole video was that Clarkson and May weren’t arguing throughout – which, to be perfectly honest, is what makes the pair so good to watch – nor was Clarkson making any nonsensical comments. They were both civilised and put across their point very well, which we find quite unnerving.

One thing the video didn’t unveil was the stance of their colleague Richard Hammond, who was in France filming a segment for the new show, with Clarkson and May joking: ‘He’s a don’t-know – he doesn’t actually know there’s a referendum on.’

Watch the full video below:


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