Clarkson ‘Could Return To BBC’ With Fracas-Proofing Minder

Clarkson ‘Could Return To BBC’ With Fracas-Proofing Minder

When we heard that Jeremy Clarkson could be returning to Top Gear with a minder in tow we got very excited – after all, cars and minders have a very good television pedigree.

However, the excitement soon got dialled down when it became apparent that if it happens, the minder in question will simply be an executive manager sitting above the producer to make sure that Jezza is kept in check.


Mind(er) you, Mr Punchy has been lined up to be a guest presenter on the BBC TV panel show Have I Got News For You in May. Whether that actually comes to pass is currently anyone’s guess, as the internal investigation into last week’s dust-up on the motoring show continues its course, although production company Hat Trick is determined to see him sitting in the central seat of the comedy quiz.

Just so long as he’s kept happy…

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