Clarkson’s Fracas Immortalised With A Commemorative Plaque

Clarkson’s Fracas Immortalised With A Commemorative Plaque

It was the punch that was heard around the world.

An argument apparently prompted by the lack of hot food ended with Jeremy Clarkson punching producer Oisin Tymon and the immediate, shuddering halt of the 13-year-long Top Gear dynasty.

Now one wise guy guest at the scene of the infamous fracas – Simonstone Hall in Yorkshire – has presented the country house hotel with a plaque to commemorate the incident.


‘Here lies the BBC career of Jeremy Clarkson’ it reads, and has been proudly placed on the patio.

Of course, Clarkson himself may not be mourning too hard, having subsequently signed a multi-million-pound contract to present a motoring show on Amazon Prime along with his co-hosts – although a certain lawsuit launched by Tymon might take the polish off that a bit.

And strictly speaking it was Clarkson’s Top Gear career rather than his BBC one that went west – he’s since presented Have I Got News For You, for example. But hey, we’re not ones to let pedantry get in the way of shameless self-publicity…

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