Classic car ownership is the ‘ultimate in recycling’ says TV’s Mike Brewer

Classic car ownership is the ‘ultimate in recycling’ says TV’s Mike Brewer

Classic car owners could be helping towards a more sustainable future, according to a classics expert.

Mike Brewer, classic car expert and presenter of Wheeler Dealers, believes that owning a classic could be seen as the ‘ultimate in recycling’ and should be regarded as a way of preserving history for future generations to enjoy.

“We live in a world where everything is disposable, but every time I go and see a classic car and put it back on the road, I’m recycling”, said Brewer.

“Crucially, I think that the classic car world is doing far more good by recycling cars and keeping them on roads for generations to come.”

Classic car ownership brings with it a variety of bonuses to the potential buyer, with lower insurance rates and cheaper parts being two potential plus points, added the TV star.

Not only is owning a classic car helpful to the environment, but it boosts economies too, says Brewer.

“They generate loads of money for the economy by keeping tradespeople employed and businesses thriving,” he said.

“The owner of a classic car needs to fork out to keep it on the road. It’ll be at an age where it needs to be restored, repainted and have new steel put in it.”

Mike Brewer was speaking about classics ahead of the launch of his latest bookazine, The Ultimate Guide to Classic Cars, which will be unveiled at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC this weekend (November 8-10).

“I’ve loved cars all my life, especially cherished classics,” said Brewer, who has a Mini Cooper and a Citroen SM among his own collection.

“As a result, putting my Ultimate Guide to Classic Cars together has been a labour of love. Classic cars are something I’m so passionate about that the guide practically wrote itself. I hope my enthusiasm for the subject shines from its pages.”

The bookazine is also available to order online at the discounted price of £4.99 (usual price £6.99) from

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