Commentator Jinxes Motorcycle Racer In Record Time

Commentator Jinxes Motorcycle Racer In Record Time

The commentator’s curse is a motorsport phenomenon that dates back to Murray Walker’s earliest days behind a microphone.

While most have learnt their lesson and hesitate before using phrases such as ‘He has this one in the bag’, there are still some brave broadcasters who go out on a limb during races.

Kiko Giles was in the midst of his commentary debut for the Cool-Fab Racing Minibike Championship when he struck race leader Ollie Walker with near-instantaneous bad luck.

‘Walker has still not broken clear,’ yelled Giles. ‘This is going down to the last lap, barring acts of God.’ And within a split second of that utterance, Walker came into view and immediately tumbled from his bike.

‘Ollie Walker! What have I said? What did I do?’ Giles wailed in utter disbelief.

If the above video is anything to go by, the commentator’s curse is only growing stronger from generation to generation. Riders and drivers, be warned!

Story by Adam Weller

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