The Coolest Things We’ve Seen Man Do On Motorbike

The Coolest Things We’ve Seen Man Do On Motorbike

Bikers are a different breed.

With a reckless abandon for safety and occasionally the law, they are some of the coolest and most carefree people around.

Some are cooler than others, and we have compiled a list of some pretty cool things they’ve done…

#1 Nick De Wit backflipping a dirtbike whist pilot Glenn Dell flies below.


#2 Josh Sheehan’s Triple Backflip.

#3 Dancing with a stuntbike.


#4 These endurance who riders put themselves through hell and back on the tricky terrain in the Dakar.

#5 Backflipping off a tree? Because, why not.


 #6 20-year-old Moto3 rider Niklas Ajo crossing the finish line at the Assen TT on his knees.

#7 Valerie Thompson and her quest to be the world’s fastest woman.


#8 This rider doing the limbo on his bike.

#9 And these guys surfing on theirs.


#10 Robert Maddison causing mayhem in the mountains.

#11 These enduro riders to whom no hill is too steep.


#12 And these motocrossers who prefer their jumps short and sweet.

#13 Dougie Lampkin taking a two-wheel tour of the Red Bull Racing factory.

#14 And Julien Dupont’s introduction to the Red Bull Rollercoaster.

#15 Evel Knievel’s world record 19-car jump.

#16 Like father, like son. Robbie Knievel jumping the Grand Canyon.


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