Cop Stops Speeding Biker, Takes Way Too Much Action

Cop Stops Speeding Biker, Takes Way Too Much Action

We’re all for speeding drivers getting their comeuppance but this takes it to the extreme.

A motorcyclist in Oregon was travelling at above the speed limit, completely unaware that an unmarked police car was tailing him.

When the cop caught up with the biker he drove into the back of him – knocking him straight off the bike.


After that, the police officer springs from the car, kicks the rider right in the chops and gets him to kneel at gunpoint while he handcuffs him.


Now we here at SuperUnleaded are usually on the side of the car driver (those two-wheeled riders seem a little off their rockers for us), but we’re definitely with the biker on this one.

You may be pleased to hear that he was awarded more than £150,000 in compensation. This time, the dashcam really did come to the rescue, and justice was served to the right person.


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