Cops Show Students Importance Of Seatbelts, Risk Whiplash

Cops Show Students Importance Of Seatbelts, Risk Whiplash

Ever got into your car and waited until you’re out of the car park before putting your belt on?

Well, after watching this video you’ll be putting your seatbelt on as soon as your rear end hits the driver’s seat.

The Connecticut State Police came up with a very innovative way to ensure that people wear their seatbelt at all times and aptly named it The Convincer.


It works by strapping someone into a safety simulator with a seatbelt and recreating a 5mph car crash. Although 5mph seems like nothing, it looks like it really hurts!

They also showed what it would be like to roll a car without a seatbelt on, thankfully this time with dummies instead of humans.


Watch the video below to ensure you always wear your seatbelt for the rest of time… we’re certainly convinced.

YouTube / The Hartford Informer - via Iframely

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