Crooks Steal Dodge Challenger Hellcat In 90 Seconds Flat

Crooks Steal Dodge Challenger Hellcat In 90 Seconds Flat

It seems that Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines and his band of car thieves are back in the game, after footage of a Gone In 60 Seconds-style heist has emerged online.

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The car taken was a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat – a vehicle not quite as legendary as the ‘Eleanor’ Mustang from the film, but still pretty cool nonetheless.

Security footage shows the pair of car thieves breaking into Snethkamp’s Ram City dealership in Highland Park, Michigan, just after 1am on Tuesday by breaking a glass door.

Then, as quickly as they came, they left again after pushing the car out of the building and down the street.

All up, the heist took about 90 seconds.

Mark Snethkamp, the dealership’s owner, told Detroit radio station WWJ950: ‘It looks like they had about a minute and 30 seconds to open the door and push the car out, and then we see another car pushing it away.

‘We’ve got some really good video, and I’m shocked that the Highland Park police didn’t catch them, because they were there shortly after them.’

The car thieves and the Challenger Hellcat remain at large – possibly because the Hellcat may have been fitted with one of these…

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