Crashed Car Ejects Driver Before Parking Itself

Crashed Car Ejects Driver Before Parking Itself

Russian road safety leaves much to be desired, with more people killed per 100,000 vehicles than Indonesia, but it seems the country has already developed the driverless car.

This footage from Sochi – the town famous for having to import snow when it was time for the Winter Olympics – shows a car being T-boned at a junction.

The unfortunate driver, who seemingly forgot to put his seatbelt on, somehow falls out of the vehicle as it rolls backwards across the road. As he lies in the middle of the busy street, cold, wet and possibly injured, his car – which appears to be a Lada Riva – proceeds to park itself almost perfectly in a row of spaces on the other side of the junction.

As the driver is helped away by passers-by, other motorists stop to switch off the vehicle.

Also note the figure in the bottom right corner of the screen, who seems to magic a warning triangle from the snow.

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