Lion Cubs And Cars Co-Exist In Qatari Garage

Lion Cubs And Cars Co-Exist In Qatari Garage

The Middle East and ridiculous wealth are practically synonymous.

Countries such as the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain have become known for their incredibly flashy displays of opulence, with rare automobiles usually taking centre stage.

Now, however, footage has emerged on the effspot YouTube channel that shows a pair of white lion cubs mixing it with the likes of a McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari in a Qatari garage.

giphy (1)

Well, we say garage, but it’s more like the ultimate man cave, complete with the two hypercars, a Bentley Flying Spur, Land Rover Defender, pool table and big-screen TV. Oh, and those two little white lions – surely the ultimate theft deterrent!

giphy (2)

Potentially man-eating pets aside, this definitely looks like our kind of dream garage.

Check out the full video below, but be prepared for a small bit of swearing.

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