This Cute Moosey Moment Will Make Your Heart Melt

This Cute Moosey Moment Will Make Your Heart Melt

We all like a nice surprise, don’t we?

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Well this little girl got one massive surprise on a trip through an outdoor safari park in Quebec, Canada.

Travelling through the park with her family, the little girl is excited to see a large caribou poke its head through the car’s window – eyeing up a carrot that she has been handed by her dad.


Suddenly, the beast gently takes the carrot off the amazingly excited girl. Who would have thought that a caribou that big could be so gentle?


After realising there aren’t any more carrots (despite there being a large bag of them in the car) the caribou moves on, no doubt to poke its head in another passing car.

Have a look at the full video below, it’s pretty adorable.

YouTube / TheBigMan - via Iframely



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