Cute Toddlers Love Going Sideways In Dad’s E46 M3

Cute Toddlers Love Going Sideways In Dad’s E46 M3

You can’t deny it: Every petrol head secretly wishes their spritely children will grow up into adrenaline junkies, with a mutual interest in cars.

For some mums and dads, it’s not always easy to pinpoint where their child’s passions lie. Will they become an engineer, an artist, an astronaut, or the next F1 world champ?

For some parents, however, it’s blatantly obvious.

Falken Motorsports Pro Formula driver Calvin Wan suddenly realised he was raising two future drifters when he took them for a spin in his beloved E46 M3.


Wan strapped his budding petrolheads into the back seats of his lairy BMW before heading over to a carefully laid out drift course to give his family a crash course in sideways action.

That’s right: Wan’s wife was also buckled into the passenger seat, capturing the cute and ecstatic-looking faces of her toddler drifters on camera.


Just like their dad, it would appear that the smell of petrol and burning rubber is hardwired into their DNA. Just look at those little faces!

This is what precious family time is all about, right?

YouTube / MotorMavens - via Iframely

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