Daredevil Motorcyclist’s Silly Stunt Caught On Camera

Daredevil Motorcyclist’s Silly Stunt Caught On Camera

He was just being a stand-up guy.

Somehow we don’t think that excuse will wash in court when the police catch this biker…


The daredevil motorcyclist was caught on driver Andrew Vickers’ dash cam speeding along a road in Willenhall, West Midlands last Monday.

We don’t know whether to applaud or cringe, as the show-off continues along the road, past a speed camera and very nearly comes face to face with an approaching police car.

However, it must have been the biker’s (we use that term loosely as he is riding a 125) lucky day, as  somehow the speed camera doesn’t flash, nor do the police notice his antics.

But considering how viral the dash cam footage has gone, we expect he’ll be receiving a knock on his door pretty soon…


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