Dashcam Footage Reveals Crash In Detail But Who Was To Blame?

Dashcam Footage Reveals Crash In Detail But Who Was To Blame?

Dashcams are becoming increasingly responsible for finding out who is responsible for incidents, but sometimes there isn’t a clear answer.

With these handy video devices more and more common, crash videos have become more binge-watchable than ever, too. They can also grab some killer shots.

Dashcam Meteor

But in all seriousness, they can help big time in an incident, such as this one caught on the M6 a few weeks ago.

Crash 1

The footage shows the exact moment a Skoda Octavia in the right-hand lane tries to move left while a van in the left tries to move right. You can almost guess what happens next…

Crash 2

The driver recording all this is unable to do anything and their car is forced into the turf flanking the middle barrier of the motorway.

Crash 3

Yeah, we cringed too. That’s a new 16-reg Renault Megane, so we can only begin to imagine what’s going through his head.


We were relieved to learn that only minor injuries were suffered – but who was to blame for the demise of the poor Renault? We’ll let you decide on that one. One thing’s for sure – the YouTube comments section is pretty heated on the matter!

Story by Robbie Murrell

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