In-Depth Video Shows How Fast F1 Drivers Really Are

In-Depth Video Shows How Fast F1 Drivers Really Are

Formula 1 drivers are some of the most skilled and technically gifted athletes in the world. No question.

But physically, just how quick are they?

Thanks to Sky F1 and some excellent Tobii eye-tracking glasses and software, we’re now able to see just how fast they have to be to get round the track in some of the most brutal and ferocious vehicles ever built.


Force India’s Nico Hülkenberg was the test’s guinea pig, and as one of the most talented drivers on the grid, he was able to show off the extreme speed and talent that an F1 driver must have, with some of his reactions taking under 100 milliseconds, such as finding the apex of the corners and looking for the exit.

As the cars themselves are superfast, it really does help that the drivers are, too. With experts such as Hülkenberg at the wheel, it really is impressive just seeing how rapid their reactions must be.


Watch the whole video below to see the Hulk’s reactions in his Force India.

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