Dirt 4 Announced With Flashy New Trailer

Dirt 4 Announced With Flashy New Trailer

There are usually two camps of racing gamers.

There are those who like to drive tracks until they know them like the back of their hand, and then there are those with a virtual death wish who like to hurl a car at speed along tree-lined gravel roads.

If you’re the latter, then boy do we have good news for you. Dirt 4, the latest instalment in the iconic Dirt series, has been announced, and it’ll be hitting consoles and computers on June 9.


The trailer doesn’t give a huge amount away, but it does feature a Ford Fiesta screaming through a forest at night, which looks cool.

Fortunately, the team behind the game have revealed some juicy titbits not shown in the trailer. Alongside the traditional rally stages, there will be FIA World Rallycross Championship races plus truck and buggy racing.


Racing will take place on three continents, but perhaps the most intriguing new feature is ‘Your Stage’. Apparently gamers can set a few parameters and the game will create a track to their specifications.

We can’t wait to spend summer sat indoors racing around the world. Check out the full trailer below!

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