Dirt Biker Has Lucky Escape While Dune Jumping

Dirt Biker Has Lucky Escape While Dune Jumping

If you want a good reason as to why you should always use a spotter when attempting a huge jump on a dirt bike, pay attention.


A video uploaded to YouTube by a user called Desert Dirtbikes shows a rider – known as Kal – hit a 100ft dune jump in the Qatari desert on his KTM 450 SX-F, only to find a trio of Jeep Wranglers right in his landing zone.

giphy (1)

Thankfully, Kal and his bike escaped without any harm, although the silver Wrangler didn’t come off quite as lucky. We’re left wondering how the riders’ friends at the top of the dune didn’t see the Jeeps coming.

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Check out the terrifying video below – but be warned, it does contain a spot of bad language.

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