Dodge Viper Driver Pays Price For Showboating

Dodge Viper Driver Pays Price For Showboating

On the interwebs, you will find footage of sports car owners hooning away from ‘Cars & Coffee’ meetups and them sometimes ending up hitting another car or ending up in a hedge.

Well, we have a new entrant into the Hall of Shame, and this one hails from the great American state of Tennessee.

The driver in a fourth-generation Dodge Viper convertible was leaving the C&C event in Knoxville (no, not Johnny), Tennessee, and when he put his foot down, he was a tad over-exuberant.


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Okay, we’re being kind there – he was a Jackass.

The driver couldn’t handle the 600bhp produced from 8.4-litre V10, overcompensated and hit the trees standing to the side of the road, luckily missing the crowd at the roadside by inches.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.29.39

On a dry road, with no traffic, it is almost certainly the driver’s fault and this video posted on Instagram pretty much sews up his guilt.

Such a shame the car got smashed up so bad.

*ADVISORY WARNING – There is swearing in this video*

Dodge Viper Acr Crash, C&C Knoxville,TN #viperacr #carcrash #carsandcoffee #carmeet

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