Drag Racer Stays Calm As His Car Blows Up Mid-Race

Drag Racer Stays Calm As His Car Blows Up Mid-Race

Keeping calm in stressful situations is what separates the world’s greatest racers from the rest of us. But we reckon this guy might be just a bit TOO calm, given the fact his car is kind of on fire.

The super-chill dude is known only as ‘Jay from Real Street’, and while we’re not sure exactly what that means, what we do know is that he’s exactly the kind of guy you’d want nearby in a crisis.

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Jay was competing at a Drag Week event in Ohio when his heavily modified Toyota Supra went bang during a high-speed run. The head gasket decided to call it a day but our chilled-out driver still somehow managed to stop his ride from smashing into a wall.

With the car halted and smoke billowing from the bonnet, Jay started chatting to his car. ‘Are you on fire right now? I hope you’re not on fire,’ he said, calm as you like, mere feet from the beginnings of a raging inferno.

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Fortunately, he jumped out quick sharp and opened the bonnet for fire crews to do their thing. His calmness never ceased and he even reached through the flames to prop up his bonnet.

We suppose when you’re this cool fire isn’t really a problem…

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