Driver Clocks Up 42 Points, Still Escapes Ban

Driver Clocks Up 42 Points, Still Escapes Ban

Forgive us if we have a little rant here, but we feel sure you’ll be joining in.

A driver who had his licence endorsed with 42 points after traffic cameras caught him breaking the speed limit six times in three months and going through a red light is being allowed to stay on the road.

Unbelievable, right? Look, even Ramsay is angry…


Alex McFarlane, 50, told Southend magistrates he was deep in debt and would lose his job as a construction site worker and be unable to repay the money if banned.

On one occasion he was doing 109mph in a 50mph zone, and another time his passenger waved and laughed at the camera as they passed it while doing 82mph in a different 50mph zone.

It’s understood that he committed some of the offences in a 140mph-reaching £17,000 Ford Fiesta ST.

McFarlane, from Basildon, had ignored the penalty notices he’d been sent and had originally denied all the charges, but changed his plea to guilty at the magistrates’ court, where he was told to pay £1,070 in fines plus costs and warned he’d be banned with immediate effect if he offended again.

Normally, a motorist is disqualified if they get 12 points within three years. However, in this instance, the court took pity on him after it was revealed that since committing the offences he had gone on a massive spending spree and accrued the debts after suffering a nervous breakdown.

So that’s all right then…

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