Driver Keeps Cool To Dodge Head-On Collision

Driver Keeps Cool To Dodge Head-On Collision

The best way to stay safe on the road generally is to watch everyone else and assume they’re going to do the stupidest thing possible at that moment.

And that attitude may have saved one particular dashcam-owning driver when they saw a Chrysler heading straight for them and managed to get out of the way.


The driver in the lane beside them wasn’t so lucky, though. The reckless motorist ploughed into that car, causing major damage to both vehicles.


The footage, recorded in the Rainier Valley, north of Columbia City, Seattle, was handed over to police because the at-fault driver ‘wasn’t being entirely truthful’ about what happened. So, don’t lie, people – Big Brother is watching you!

The woman driving the car that was hit was taken away by paramedics, but her injuries are unknown and it’s unclear whether the driver was charged with anything. NB: Explicit language is used in the video.

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