Idiot Moons Lambo Driver, And It Gets Worse

Idiot Moons Lambo Driver, And It Gets Worse

When you go out for a drive in an amazing supercar, the last thing you deserve is ridicule.

But that’s just what happened to this Lamborghini driver who was subjected to a barrage of horrific abuse from an imbecilic passer-by who, for some reason, took an immediate dislike to both car and owner.

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Taking the car for a drive through central Manchester, the owner of the fantastic yellow Lamborghini has abuse hurled at him, before one bystander feels the need to moon his car.


Why would someone do this to a car? We’re just lost for words. It’s why some people shouldn’t be allowed near nice things.

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See the idiocy for yourselves below. And please be warned, there’s a LOT of VERY strong language in it.

YouTube / SupercarVideos - via Iframely


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