‘Driverless van’ in America actually driven by man disguised as a seat

‘Driverless van’ in America actually driven by man disguised as a seat

Have you ever wanted to disguise yourself as a van seat and drive around fooling local journalists that your vehicle is autonomous?

Nope, nor have we, but we’ve got to admire this guy’s creativity.

A van driver in Arlington, Virginia, caused quite a stir by driving around the Ford Transit Connect dressed as a driving seat. His ingenuity was only rumbled after suspicious local journalists chased the van.

They became unconvinced after realising that the van didn’t have any tracking device, which the majority of self-driving cars have. It was also strange that the van appeared to have no driver at all – again, which most self-driving cars still have in case of a malfunction. They subsequently discovered feet and hands coming out of the seat and controlling the car.

Journalists from ARL Now and NBC News 4 reporter Adam Tuss tracked the van, the latter documenting his findings on Twitter.

It has emerged that the van was actually a test being carried out by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute as part of a study into autonomous vehicles.

We have to admit we’re a bit disappointed by this, as we thought there was a lone ranger planning his own driverless car revolution. Still, it was fun while it lasted…

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