Dubai Businessman Spends Eye-Watering Amounts On Private Plates

Dubai Businessman Spends Eye-Watering Amounts On Private Plates

Just think what you could buy with £7.3 million. A mansion somewhere leafy, or perhaps a handful of bright orange Bugattis. Four Spitfire fighter planes, or maybe 730,000,000 penny chews. Alternatively, you could just buy a number plate…

And that’s precisely what a property developer from Dubai did when he coughed up 33 million dirhams to buy the number ‘D5’.


The enormous price tag makes it around 14 times more expensive than Britain’s priciest plate ever – 25 O, which sold for a paltry £518,000.

Balwinder Sahani splashed out on the special number for one of his six Rolls-Royces, although it could also be fitted to one of the two more he reportedly has on order. As you do.


Sahani is said to have bought the plate at a government auction, where he also spent a mere £221,000 on another number. Last year, he spent £5.5 million on the number ‘O9’.

It’s probably safe to say that he’s a wealthy chap, but it seems that he sees his purchases as generosity, given that the United Arab Emirates uses the money raised to fund its transport authority.

Sahani told CNN Money that he ‘believes in giving back’ to the city that ‘has given me a lot’.

It seems he has plenty more in his coffers, too, as he told Gulf News that he had ‘collected 10 number plates so far’ and was ‘looking forward to having more’.

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