Dumb Dog Trapped In Car Engine After Cat Chase

Dumb Dog Trapped In Car Engine After Cat Chase

We’ve seen our fair share of eventful car chases, but cat chases are a slightly rarer occurrence.

However, they’re evidently not rare enough, after a dimwitted bedlington terrier got itself trapped in the engine of a Vauxhall Corsa following a cat chase.

Dog owner Mike Tracey returned home to Crownhill in Plymouth on Friday evening to find the mutt trapped in the motor, after he had tried to scare off several cats. Despite the attempts of Tracey and several neighbours to pry the pooch from the powerplant, Tracey had to call the fire service for help.

“I didn’t really want to call the fire brigade and be one of those ‘cat stuck in a tree kind of people’ but they turned up and we absolutely brilliant,” Tracey told the Plymouth Herald.

After removing a lead from the engine the dopey doggy was finally retrieved from under the bonnet – albeit covered in oil.

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