Dumper Truck Driver Falls Out With Bosses, Destroys Three Police Cars

Dumper Truck Driver Falls Out With Bosses, Destroys Three Police Cars

We all have shoddy days in the office.

Like this guy:


Or this chap:


We can sympathise with that:


However, it doesn’t mean that we instinctively head out and leave a path of destruction behind us.

Kicking the bin over or smashing your PC in an outburst of rage is frightfully modest in comparison to what one particular man did.

Nicholas Churchill told his bosses he was too hot stuck in his truck on a summer’s day at a quarry in Spixworth, Norfolk, but was denied any sympathy and forced to work on. This, inevitably, fuelled Churchill’s next actions…

To cool off, he embarked upon a heated two-hour rampage in his 30-tonne dumper truck, destroying everything in his path.

He was pursued by six police cars (three of which he wrecked by ramming them off the road) and a helicopter for 37 miles across two counties

He even smashed down signposts as he reached a thrilling top speed of… 25mph. (We know. That was a bit disappointing, wasn’t it?)

But still, a hefty dumper truck on the loose is pretty scary – like a scene from Jurassic Park…


It happened last July and the case, which has just been heard at Norwich Magistrates’ Court, saw Churchill, 40, from Brandon, plead guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and dangerous driving, as well as driving while unfit through drugs. The court was told he caused £26,572 of damage to police property plus £1,500 of damage to the truck.

He was slapped with an interim driving ban and bailed for sentencing at Norwich Crown Court on February 5. We can’t help wondering if that’s made him a bit hot under the collar as well…

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