Dune Bashing Looks Like A Whole Heap Of Fun

Dune Bashing Looks Like A Whole Heap Of Fun

The Middle East has something of a reputation for producing ludicrous car-related videos. You’ve got…

Road skating

giphy (4)

Two-wheel driving

giphy (5)

Hooning about in general

giphy (6)

Yup, a lot of Arabs seem to love pushing their cars – and their abilities – to the limit.

A new video posted on YouTube shows off more of this automotive mayhem, this time with a group of Qataris dune bashing in their massive 4x4s.

giphy (8)

The maxim ‘Drive it like you stole it’ has never been more relevant.

giphy (9)

Toyota Land Cruisers, Mercedes G-Wagens, Nissan Patrols and more all get absolutely ragged by their owners, as they frantically try to cling to the slippery surface of the steep sand dunes.

giphy (10)

The 11-minute video makes for some pretty thrilling viewing – we certainly want to try our hands at dune bashing after watching it!

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