Dune Buggying With Lewis Hamilton – The Best Employee Perk Ever?

Dune Buggying With Lewis Hamilton – The Best Employee Perk Ever?

So, you’ve just won your third Formula One World Championship with three races to spare.

Time for a bit of rest and relaxation, right?


In Lewis Hamilton’s case, he swapped his Mercedes F1 W06 Hybrid for a dune buggy ahead of the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend.

The triumphant Brit is seen taking on awesomely risky jumps, skids and slides near Dubai with Petronas employees in buggies and quad bikes. It was part of an event to reward them for their hard work in a victorious campaign for the Mercedes F1 team.

Lewis Hamilton dune buggying near Dubai

How cool is that? Dune buggying with Lewis Hamilton!

Dune buggy leap near Dubai

As employee incentives go, that has to be absolutely out there.

And we’re sure the team were thrilled to see Hamilton escape unharmed as they look to end the season in style.

They might want to wrap the thrill-seeking Englishman in cotton wool over the winter, though, if he’s to be fit and ready to win a fourth championship.

See the fun in full below:

YouTube / MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS – via Iframely

Author: Jordan Scearce

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