What electric car would James Bond drive?

What electric car would James Bond drive?

James Bond, the suave, Martini-swilling British spy is usually found behind the wheel of an elegant, swooping sports car – think Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me, or Aston Martin DB10 in Spectre.

However, what do the vast majority of 007’s cars have in common? They all use petrol power.

With the real-life car industry moving towards electrification and away from combustion engines, shouldn’t Q-branch start issuing Bond with an electric-powered performance car instead? We’ve picked five electric cars that would look the part in any-high speed car chase with Bond behind the wheel.

Jaguar E-Type Zero

British? Check. Two seats? Check. Convertible? Check. Straight from the off, the Jaguar E-Type Zero appears to be the perfect electrified Bond car.

Based on a regular 1968 E-Type, the Zero uses an electric powertrain developing 220kW, allowing it to hit 60mph in under six seconds.

It’s also got all of the charisma required for a Bond car, but remains elegant and understated. Bond has, interestingly, never driven an E-Type before, so this would be its first appearance in the franchise.

Tesla Roadster

With Tesla at the forefront of electric car technology, its latest Roadster makes for an ideal high-speed transport option for Bond.

With a claimed 0-60mph time of under two seconds, 007 would be one of the fastest things on the road – and far quicker than any pursuing baddies.

In addition, Tesla claims that the Roadster will be able to do 620 miles on a single charge, so cross-continent jaunts shouldn’t be any cause for concern.

Morgan EV3

Traditional, but effective – traits that describe both James Bond and this – Morgan’s new EV3 electric 3 Wheeler.

Though far more compact than most Bond cars, the Morgan is likely to provide as grand an entrance as any Aston Martin.

In addition to a 34.9kW electric motor, the EV3’s low centre of gravity gives it excellent cornering abilities, while coach-built bodywork gifts it with a level of exclusiveness that is needed by any Bond car.

BMW i8

Though the BMW i8 has been around for a little while now, there are very few cars like it on the road today for sheer other-worldly looks.

Its gullwing doors, stylish aerodynamics and powerful hybrid powertrain all put it firmly into Bond car territory.

It’ll hit 60mph in under five seconds, only topping out at 155mph – enough performance for any mountain road chase. We could easily see Q-branch fitting rocket launchers at either side, too.

Honda Sports EV

Arguably one of the most stylish electric vehicles to be revealed in 2017, the Sports EV from Honda would be well suited to life with 007 behind the wheel.

Low-slung and compact, the Sports EV shows what the future of electrified sports cars could look like – and what the future of Bond vehicles could be too.

It would be the first time that a Honda would have appeared in the films, giving Bond an all-new mode of transport.

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