This Electric Corvette Shows That The Future Is Bright

This Electric Corvette Shows That The Future Is Bright

When you see a Corvette, it’s usually teamed with a lot of noise from the V8 engine and lots of shredded rubber.

However, if you let Genovation Cars of Maryland, USA, get hold of one, one of those important features is taken away.


Genovation brands itself as ‘The Green Car Company’ and, yes, it makes electric cars.

The upside is that the speed is very much still present, with this modified C6 generation Corvette Z06 going 186mph – a record for a street legal, all-electric car – with acceleration of 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.


Their latest test of this 700hp monster battery-powered car took place at Kennedy Space Center, which is cool, and used the wide-open spaces of what used to be the Space Shuttle Landing strip, which is even cooler.


This model doesn’t have a V8 any more, but has a six-speed manual transmission, a 44kWH battery pack and a range of 150 miles on a full charge.

The cost of this car? Well, it’s £204,000 if you already have a Z06 and £232,000 if you want a brand new one.


Could this be an electric future that petrolheads can live with? Watch the video below and make your own mind up…

YouTube / Digital Cut Video Production - via Iframely

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