Electric-Powered Corvette Breaks Standing Mile World Record

Electric-Powered Corvette Breaks Standing Mile World Record

Last March, we told you about the Corvette GXE – an all-electric Corvette Z06 modified by Genovation Cars.

It boasted a pretty impressive performance, with a 0 to 60 of under three seconds and more than 700bhp produced from two motors powered by a 44kWh battery pack.


Now the Maryland-based team has set an impressive world record with the GXE, as it has taken the standing mile record for an electric car.


The rear-wheel-drive monster got up to a speed of 190.480mph in the mile, beating its previous record by more than four miles per hour.


Genovation will also be making an electric version of the C7 Corvette Grand Sport, which will be going on the market in 2019, but it comes with an extremely hefty price tag of roughly £611,000 – yeesh!

In terms of the record though, that is rather impressive. Well played, Genovation!

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