Elon Musk Needs To Sort Out Tesla’s Factory Parking

Elon Musk Needs To Sort Out Tesla’s Factory Parking

As a billionaire CEO, you’d think Elon Musk would have a good idea how to keep his employees happy – not to mention, being the owner of a car manufacturer, how to organise his workers’ vehicles.

Well, apparently not, as the Palo Alto and Fremont Tesla factories have something of a parking problem, with the 6,000 cars that apparently arrive at both sites only having 4,500 spaces for them.


It’s got so bad in fact that an Instagram account recording the ridiculous levels of congestion and overcrowding of cars and bicycles at both sites had been running for 10 months, but has since been shut down.


Cars are being clamped, bikes are being stacked on top of each other and people are leaving their vehicles in the strangest places.


Clearly, the mass expansion of the Tesla brand has been a major factor in this, but surely Musk should have expected this as he has set such lofty ambitions for the all-electric car brand?


Please get it sorted, Elon!

Pictures: teslaparkinglot (now defunct)

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