Endurance Race Crash Is Rather Scary At Night

Endurance Race Crash Is Rather Scary At Night

Endurance racing is a proper sport, especially when it takes in the night time hours.

The challenge of threading your 600hp racing monster through the proverbial eye of the needle becomes significantly greater when everyone’s exhausted and there’s nothing to see but what your own headlights show up.

And this video shows exactly why, when one of the cars – the #2 Audi R8, driven by Will Stevens – found himself the wrong way round on just the 6th turn of the first lap of the qualifying race for the first event of the new Blancpain GT Sprint season at Misano.

Blancpain Sprint

Robbed of any way to see what was going on, dodge any debris or find a safe escape path, the following pack was caught up in this incident which resulted in nearly a fifth of the field retiring on the spot.

Unsurprisingly the race was almost immediately neutralised by a safety car, followed by the red flag halting the session:

Red flag? Brown flag more like.

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