EV owners can now view Zap-Map via Apple CarPlay through new service

EV owners can now view Zap-Map via Apple CarPlay through new service

Electric car drivers can now utilise the Zap-Map app through in-car Apple CarPlay thanks to a new subscription service.

Zap-Map is the UK’s leading electric vehicle mapping service, providing locations and information about the thousands of charging points dotted across the UK.

However, up until this point, the app couldn’t be relayed on a car’s infotainment screen via Apple CarPlay – a commonly-used application which ‘mirrors’ a driver’s smartphone on the display.

A new service is addressing this though. Called Zap-Map Premium, the new subscription will allow drivers to plan their journeys more quickly by giving them the option to filter by new charge points, different locations and also by user ratings.

In addition, the service – priced at £3.99 per month for an annual plan – will allow drivers to view new chargers installed in the last 30 days, save more user filters and route plans and even add multiple vehicles. It will also give users the ability to use the app within their in-car display via Apple CarPlay – with Android Auto set to be added soon.

For those who don’t need the ability to mirror the app via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto but still want some of the enhanced features, there’s Zap-Map Plus. This brings many of the same additions but does without the smartphone mirroring feature and is priced at £2.49 per month for an annual plan.

Melanie Shufflebotham, Zap-Map’s co-founder and chief operating officer said: “Electric vehicles are on the cusp of going mainstream and Zap-Map is on hand to show people the way. Our new service is built for everyone; from total beginners to experienced ‘EV heads’.

“We spent many months listening to our users and creating a unique platform which responds to what people really need when driving their EV and accessing the public charging networks.”

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