Now You Can Spend The Night In A Taxi In New York

Now You Can Spend The Night In A Taxi In New York

Sometimes, after a heavy night out, the taxi ride home can be the best bit, as it warmly welcomes you in instead of you stumbling home and falling into a bush en route.

But what if you don’t have to leave it at all and you just sleep in there?

Well, American comedian Jonathan Powley thought that was a great idea and has turned an old New York taxi into a hotel room!


For £30 a night, the former taxi and movie prop has been kitted out to accommodate two people, but it does lack some essential qualities.


With no toilet, WiFi or kitchen area, you may need to compromise on some comforts, but as shops nearby open from 6am you can surely cope for the night – and it does come with some fantastic views of the New York skyline.


Check out the listing here, and also look at the reviews. Some are less than complimentary, but to be honest we think it would be a fun way to spend a night in the Big Apple.

Images courtesy of Jonathan Powley/AirBnB

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