Why Every Driver Should Be Scared Of The Nurburgring

Why Every Driver Should Be Scared Of The Nurburgring

The Nurburgring is a fearsome track that has caught out more drivers than a speed camera on the M25.

It’s a heady mix of scary corners, super fast straights mixed with anyone who can stump up the entry fee for a lap. Driving talent, not required.

Crashes are common place. And often deadly. Here are some of the lucky ones who escaped with a some bent metal and dented pride.

#1 It’s never advisable to go backwards around the ‘Ring

Nerves of steel

#2 You need to perfect your avoidance techniques like this Fabia driver

Dodge ball

#3 When the cars are coming AT you, you’re know you’re going the wrong way

Coming atcha

#4 If you’re going to take an MPV make sure you can style it out when it goes wrong

Don't Panic Only Zafira

#5 Big plumes of dust are NOT cool


#6 You’re better off using the black stuff rather than the grass. Spoiler: This Mini got broken

Mini Misadventure

#7 Make sure you’ve honed your cat like skills like this Nissan driver

GT-R driver skill

#8 Bikers will mostly fall off

Panniers saved

#9 Your spoilers will probably get a bit bent

Only Astra]

#10 When you do crash, make sure you drive off quick before someone spots it

Peugeot 306

#11 And remember a wet track and classic supercar are a recipe for disaster. And bankruptcy

Not The NSX

If you want to see how it’s really done, check out this hero in a single seater… in the snow

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