Ex-Stig Ben Collins Tells Us Top Gear Format Needs A Reboot

Ex-Stig Ben Collins Tells Us Top Gear Format Needs A Reboot

With Clarkson having been binned by the BBC, and his co-conspirators Hammond and May not renewing their contracts, the future of Top Gear seems bleaker than ever.

But the BBC wouldn’t let its most popular (not to mention most profitable) show disappear into the ether, would it? Former Stig and expert helmsman Ben Collins thinks it could go on, albeit with a refresh.

Speaking to SuperUnleaded.com, Collins shared our sadness over the show’s demise.

“It’s a great shame,” he said.

Asked whether Top Gear could be as successful without its pube-haired frontman, he predicted: “It will be a new show. Top Gear’s original format was far less ambitious from what we saw from 2002 to 2015,” hinting that the show could soldier on with fresh perspective.

He conceded, however, that nothing was for certain: “I’m sure it will be punchy, but no one can predict what it will be.”

Collins wouldn’t be drawn on whether Clarkson’s temper was the real reason he wouldn’t take his helmet off on the show…

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