BMW Gives Us Something Else To Dream About With The M4 CS

BMW Gives Us Something Else To Dream About With The M4 CS

BMW’s M Division is continually bringing out road and track monsters to delight those who can afford them and us lot at SU who can only wonder what it must be like to own one.

Following the release of the truly ludicrous M4 GTS last year, the German manufacturer now has unveiled the latest souped-up 4 Series – the M4 CS.


Fitting between the M4 Competition Pack and the M4 GTS in the BMW price range, this new model pumps 10bhp above the Competition Pack – up to 460bhp – but isn’t as fast or as hardcore as the GTS.


However, with the tuned 3.0-litre twin-turbo inline six-cylinder under the bonnet, the M4 CS does pull pretty well, getting up to 60mph in 3.8 seconds and up to a limited but still impressive 174mph.


With additional fins, carbon-fibre bits and a grittier exterior than the ‘standard’ M4, the CS does an impressive job of bridging the gap between GTS and its more road-suited sibling.

Although we don’t get the best idea of how it sounds in the model’s release video, we can at least speculate it will sound good – because why wouldn’t it?

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