Extremely limited-edition Gran Turismo Sport comes with real MX-5

Extremely limited-edition Gran Turismo Sport comes with real MX-5

At what point does the price of a video game become unacceptable?

£60? £100 for a limited edition with some exclusive tat?

If either of those figures are your upper limit, then brace yourself for this limited-edition bundle offered for Gran Turismo Sport in Taiwan.

The bundle’s price tag? A whopping £35,380. For the money, you also get a PS4 Pro, Dualshock 4 controllers, PSVR headset, Thrustmaster steering wheel, Apiga AP1 racing chair, Bravia 4K HDR TV – oh, and a 2018 Mazda MX-5.

Yes, an actual car has been bundled with a video game. And someone has already bought it.

The gentleman, who doesn’t seem to have been identified by any sources, is undoubtedly one of the biggest Gran Turismo fans in the world. We imagine he’s remained nameless to avoid the wrath of his wife, parents or anyone else in a position to question his life decisions.

Unfortunately, if you’re interested in a similar bundle, we regret to inform you that it was a a one-off.

All of this raises a few questions: Would you look stupid in a Gran Turismo-branded MX-5 on the open road? Can’t someone who paid for more than £35,000 of Gran Turismo gear buy their own PS Plus subscription? Would the car be worth more if it was left in its box?

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